Volunteer Training

Walkie talkie and stopwatch

Two objectives of the British Eventing Charitable Foundation (BECF) are:

  • To encourage people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to participate in the sport of Eventing
  • To promote volunteering through a series of training programs within the sport

Currently some 8,000 individuals volunteer and are involved in the sport. Opportunities will be available for them to develop key life skills such as communication, leadership and team work which they can then take back to and hopefully gain from in other walks of life.  They will also benefit from fresh air and exercise since our competitions take place in the countryside.


You can also make a donation to the BECF. Your money will go towards specific training projects to help get people more involved, and help them to continue for longer, in the sport of Eventing. 

For more information call us on 02476 698 906 or email training@britisheventing.com